Ouderonderwijs als weg vooruit

Om de ontwikkeling in Likoni te ondersteunen worden ook steeds vaker volwassenen betrokken bij het onderwijs. 

familie uit Likoni

De kinderen op het project in Likoni krijgen onderwijs van goed niveau. Om de ontwikkeling in Likoni te ondersteunen worden ook steeds vaker de volwassenen betrokken. De dood van twee van onze studenten door ontwetendheid bij ouders maakte de noodzaak hiervan pijnlijk duidelijk. Het onderwijzen de volwassenen in de wijk wordt daarmee een belangrijkere doelstelling voor de aankomende jaren.  Kenneth schrijft hier over:

“Working with impoverished communities gives one a new pair of lenses with which to view the world with.

I have personally had the privilege to work with the less privileged in our society since 2012 to try and better their lives by organizing a system that can run continually dispense knowledge  to the community and eventually transform the community from a poor one to a prosperous one.

Two events this year served as a reminder that more work and effort needs to be put in to better our community.

 Both of these events involved the deaths of our students, and from avoidable circumstances. One was from an epileptic attack, the other was from an un treated waist injury, that led to internal bleeding.

These events have made us come to the realization that we need to put an equal measure of effort in educating the parents and other adults in the community as we do with educating the children.

We are therefore planning more parents seminars to give adults more practical, hands on knowledge in issues such as first aid, personal finance management e.t.c. so that all demographics of our society move forward.

 As an institution, the community looks up to us as an employer and an educator, we have also realized that we are in the business of giving hope to the community. A hope that education can get one out of poverty. It is this hope that made us take a bold step of introducing a pay rise to our employees this year, as we did last year and the other one, with the hope of eventually getting to the levels recommended by the government hence becoming a model corporate citizen.

We maintain a positive outlook about the future and keep thanking our partners and all others who support this noble work.”