Patrick rapporteert

Aan het einde van elk kwartaal ontvangt SLO een rapport van de medewerkers van het project. Deze keer rapporteert Patrick.


Aan het einde van elk kwartaal ontvangt SLO een rapport van de medewerkers van het project. Deze keer werd de rapportage geschreven door Patrick de hoofdmeester van de school. De belangrijkste punten uit zijn report zijn;

  • De opening van de school in januari verliep goed, Op dit moment krijgen 280 kinderen onderwijs en zijn er 18 mensen in dienst;
  • Het schoon en netje houden van de  spullen en het gebouw wordt gezien als een belangrijk aspect om de de kwaliteit van onderwijs op orde te houden. Nieuwe boeken en meubilair zijn duur, en daarom moeten spullen zo lang mogelijk mee gaan. De donatie van Jonathan voor schoenen en uniforms heeft hier een positieve uitwerking op;
  • Een belangrijke wens van de leraren was dat zij een tegemoetkoming zouden krijgen in de kosten van de huur. Het zou volgens de medewerkers tot minder zorgen leiden over financien en daardoor zouden zij zich beter kunnen focussen op hun werk. Dit zou de studieresultaten van de leerlingen te goede komen;
  • Vier leerlingen van het project schoppen het tot het regionale voetbalteam;
  • De uitdaging om de afgesproken schoolgelden voor ouders/verzorgers te kunnen betalen te innen;
  • Grote dank voor de studiebeurzen voor vijf leerlingen voor vervolgonderwijs;
  • Hieronder vind je enkele passages uit zijn report;

We opened the school on 4th January 2016.pupils and teachers reported on time although not all pupils but at least a half the population. At the moment we have a total of 280 pupils. The school has a total number of 18 employees, these includes: 13 teachers,gardener,security guard,cook,adulds teacher and the school Chaplin.

Some of the old staff members left with the reason that they got greener pastures, these are: Robert Bekupha, priscila mueni Esther kembi and Ever line muthee,they were replaced by; Dennis munjalu,Cynthia nyakoa,francis munyao ,Lillian murimi and Salome munyiri. They  are all qualified teachers.


Actually the school is clean, beginning with the pupils, since the shoe donation for all primary school children sure most learners are clean because this motivated there parents to buy for them new school uniforms. Other school assets are also well kept and wisely used, these are classrooms,desks,text books,toilets,the garden,compound,chairs and tables all are well cared for despite the fact that they sometimes require repair and maintenance which we normally take immediately. Without forgetting teachers are also looking very smart after the issuing each teacher with a pair of uniform.


Since the beginning of the term the academic progress graph has been increasing exam aftewr exam. Taking for example standard 8,they have sit three exams and the meanscore results were as follows 1st exam 244.06,2nd  exam 244.86 and the last exam they had 265.56, they sat the last exam which we are still marking and will give result when we open the school next term as this exam was completed on Friday 8th  apr.  which was the closing day. I trust these good results are as a result of settled teachers  after the house allowance that was awarded to all teachers as from the beginning of the year and enough teaching materials, I really congratulate your team for that.


Our school having registered by the ministry of education, we qualified to join the inter-school games and sports competitions and thus we started last year, this year we recently participated in ball games and 4 of our pupils proceeded to sub-county level and was of good name to our school.


The most challenging issue has been the school fees collection, most parents have not adjusted themselves to this figure and  all other well wishers that were supporting some pupils also stopped, it has become a challenge because there are many absentisms  among the learners. At the moment I have collected 60 percent of what should be collected. All in all this has never affected the smooth running of the school in terms of finances or materials. The other issue is all about the teachers movement, it really becomes hard to run a school when teachers quit especially without a notice but because it is unavoidable in private school we normally replace and move on but it actually affect the performance of learners.


I personally take this opportunity to thank the entire family of ‘likoni moving forward’ for the kindness you have expressed to parents and children in likoni by giving the secondary school scholarship to some of our pupils that were facing danger of lack of secondary fee, especially Envintolet Atieno. Mohammed masuod, Ruth barini and Stephen Otieno I cannot keep quiet, God bless you all these great job you do from heart. This has encouraged other pupils to work hard in there education having a hope of continuation to high school after primary school.